A New Vision for Agriculture...

phytobiomes_Identity-circle.jpgThe Phytobiomes vision is a​​​n effort to increase interest and funding in phytobiomes research and application of the knowledge to promote food, feed and fiber production.


Our need for food, feed and fiber is estimated to double by 2050 to meet increasing societal demands

Why Now?

Technological developments are enabling scientific advances that provide unprecedented views into the nature and dynamics of phytobiomes
  • High-throughput “-omics” technologies can profile the composition, functions, and activities of complex communities in the Phytobiome
  • Approaches for analyzing, integrating and modeling “big” data can provide a predictive understanding of Phytobiomes at the systems level 
  • “Next generation” precision agriculture practices can translate Phytobiomes knowledge into improved and sustainable productivity

What's Needed?

Strategic funding and public-private partnerships are needed to support research and infrastructure for developing phytobiome-based management approaches.

Funding and support are needed for…
  • Fundamental studies of phytobiome components, interactions, dynamics, and function
  • Integrated models to analyze and predict phytobiome systems
  • Practical phytobiome-based crop management strategies
  • Collaborative platforms for open global communication among growers, researchers, industry, agricultural advisors, and consumers
  • A phytobiome workforce capable of integrating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries
Integrating knowledge of phytobiomes with next-generation technologies will lead to…
  • improved resilience of cropping systems to climate variability, nutrient limitations, and plant pests
  • increased integration of biologicals into crop management
  • enhanced rehabilitation of marginal and degraded lands
  • minimized impacts of crop production on the environment
  • maximized productivity and profitability of sustainable food, feed and fiber production

Share in this new vision & sup​port critical research & infrastructure​ for Phytobiomes. ​