​Advocacy Targets​​​​​

Within five years, achieve $100 million net increase per year in agricultural research funding, across agencies, dedicated to phytobiomes.

This paradigm-shifting endeavor for a systems-level understanding of interacting components of the phytobiome will require interdisciplinary collaborations that integrate efforts across diverse fields of science. To accomplish the Phytobiomes vision, funding support is needed for...

Fundamental research and infrastructure to:

  • Understand phytobiome systems, including their components and the multidimensional dynamics of interactions within and between those components
  • Develop and employ conceptual and predictive models that integrate data from various phytobiome components across a determine the comprehensive impacts of phytobiomes on environment and plant health and productivity, and how these impacts are altered by perturbations
  • design translation strategies that implement knowledge of phytobiomes to enhance sustainable production of food, feed and fiber
  • develop high-throughput and expanded capabilities to assess the biological and physical components of phytobiomes and their relevance to plant health and productivity

Development and continued maintenance and curation of existing databases and culture collections relevant to phytobiomes

Training and development of a highly skilled workforce that can communicate effectively and integrate information across disciplinary boundaries

Efforts to engage with the public on phytobiome-associated technologies and advances to facilitate early and sustained adoption

We invite you to participate ​in the Phytobiomes vision, provide your expertise and insights into the broader goal of doubling production by 2050.