​​Funding Opportunities


​​JGI Call for Large Scale Genome Projects

A new JGI CSP15 call for large scale genome projects has been announced (see 1.usa.gov/JGI-CSP). Interactions with plants, functional aspects of fungal diversity, ENCODE like projects for potential DOE relevant models are encouraged along with other genomics projects aligned with DOE missions in bioenergy, carbon cycling, and biogeochemistry, which can not be done by a single lab. In addition, single species of diverse fungi can be nominated for sequencing at 1.usa.gov/JGI-1000-Fungi within the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project.​

Microbiome Project

The Microbiome Awards provide young, extraordinary scientists with funding and recognition to carry out scientific work in the field of microbiome research.​ For additional information, visit the Microbiome Project​ website. ​

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory's annual calls for proposals—usually opening mid-December to February—seek leading-edge research activities that will advance scientific understanding within their science theme categories. Proposals are encouraged that couple experiments with theory, modeling, or simulation.